Announcement: Iku – Body Horror

Creamcake’s latest release, Iku’s new EP “Body Horror,” will take you on a journey through distorted sonic space. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

We have already hyped Iku’s debut LP Fugue, released by our dear friends from Genot Centre, last April, and we’re beyond thrilled to welcome this new piece by the German artist. This time, the record is dropped via Creamcake, a Berlin-based platform merging music, art, and technology through a vast array of ventures as concerts, exhibits, workshops and discussion panels, digital projects, as well as 3hd Festival (which we love so much!) and ンフラINFRA Festival.

Iku’s EP, comprising of three tracks — “Body Horror,” “À Tes Yeux,” and “Not You Me (feat. Ivy)” —, is truly a peculiar one. You feel like you’re moving back and forth, but you’re static. The sounds come up as so calming and soothing, yet you’re left all agitated by the plethora of distant noises, samples, and the sheer energy Iku’s music beams with. Body Horror is undoubtedly not an easy listen, and almost lives up to its name, but in the good, enlightening sense.

If you’d like to experience Iku’s aural rocky road in person, join us at Creamcake’s next event at OHM on August 9, also featuring Cecilia live, CYPHR, Dis Fig, and Flagalova. See more info here.


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Iku: Soundcloud
Creamcake: Facebook, Website, Instagram
Album artwork: Sarah Ksieska
Text: Anna Wim

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