In shadows we meet

Darkness and neon lights, cotton and latex, frail virtue and raw strength. Hana Kubesova’s clothes are all about contrasts and modification – get to know her work in an exclusive editorial by Lera Lazareva.

Even though the young designer first drew inspiration from her own experience of working in theatre costume design, her latest collections are highly influenced and motivated by music. Her creations present a delicate symbiosis of various textures and materials; crushed velvet juxtaposed with chains and ropes, leather and snakeskin imitations alongside tassels and the softest satin, metal-inspired typography, lightning bolts, lace-ups, dark colors contrasting with pastels. The clothing is not presented as mere fashion items to be briskly consumed by crowds, but rather as pieces of their own performative significance, each hiding an untold story. Using elements of irony and pure honesty, shown on not-your-typical models in highly artistic setting, Hana’s work is set to become more than just soulless garments.

Get a taste of Hana Kubesova’s work in an editorial exclusively shot for Kink by Russian-born Lera Lazareva, which perfectly captures the contrasts the designer herself uses so flawlessly to achieve the dramatic tinge her clothing undoubtedly has. Enjoy the photo series below.






hana kubesova for kink (38 of 59)


hana kubesova for kink (27 of 59)



Clothes: Hana Kubesova
Photography: Lera Lazareva
Models: Kateřina Krahulcová (New Aliens Agency), Yulia
Assistant: Bajza
Text: Anna Wim

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