Release: DEATXWISH – Dreamin’ N Schemin’


DEATXWISH is a Lower East Side New Yorker living in Berlin whose music combines “synth heavy melodies and heavy hitting bass with rapping and singing”. Out today, Dreamin’ N Schemin’, boiled together amidst his struggle with poverty and homelessness while the pandemic is raging (what else can you do during a worldwide lockdown but to dream and scheme, right?), is an EP packed with a sense of urgency and a long-awaited release. Enlisting the help of TB for the album art, and Surfgang’s Tommytohotty as the producer of Dreamin’ N Schemin’ and Can’t Feel My Face [Remix], the EP features three songs which are a perfect blend of distorted vocals and hard beats.

“To me, it’s about being vulnerable while trying to speak the future into existence not just in the music, but in my own life as well. It’s about finding strength in yourself when you’re down bad with nothing but a dream and breaking out of that prison physically and mentally. It’s been healing to just say these things and get them off my chest.”

Listen to the full EP below!


1. Dreamin N Schemin (Prod. Tommytohotty)
2. Vices (Prod. DEATXWISH)
3. Can’t Feel My Face [Remix] (Prod. Tommytohotty)


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