Release: Dreamy “Friends on the staircase” video

Prague-based tape label Genot Centre teamed up with Belgian Dauw for a limited release. Video for Cass.’ song, created for this special occasion, now premieres on Kink!

Genot Centre is a tape label and music community founded by Wim Dehean and Ondřej Lasák, which mostly focuses on bringing the best out of the worldwide ambient and drone music scene. The label, which was founded only last year, now joined forces with Belgian tape kingdom Dauw, represented by Dudal, Stijn Hüwels from Slaapwel and Cass. on “Silent_Night#4: Dauw”. The cassette is, in fact, a selection of live recordings of the fourth all-night sleepover performance that took place at Ponec theatre in Prague this January.


Artwork by Nikola Logosová and Femke


Here’s how Genot Centre describes the record:
“Cass. opens the album with a gently paced, dreamlike reflection suggesting a rich psychological depth underneath its harmonic sounds. Dudal continues with two organic tracks, intersecting his guitar and kalimba with field recordings and electronics, creating a restrained, loose sound perfectly in line with the organic philosophy as preached by such artists as Marcus Fischer and Steven Roden. On the second side, Cass. returns and joins forces with Stijn Hüwels for a heavy-hearted mammoth collaboration. Cass. concludes the selection with a hair-raising track tied together by eerie synthetic string sounds.”


Cass. – Friends on the staircase (excerpt) from Genot Centre on Vimeo.


This special release is accompanied by a video by Linda Retterová, a Czech student of Film and TV Graphics at VŠUP, which exclusively premieres on Kink. Dreamy light colours interchanging with images of dark sky full of stars by roaming patterns and coloured papers, all in the rhythm of “Friends On The Staircase”, a song by the raising star of ambient Cass..

Genot Centre: Bandcamp, Facebook
Text: Bajza
Edit: Anna Wim

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