Virtual reality trippin’

As an advent Sunday gift, we’re bringing you a piece of eye candy in the form of a 360 degree video by DVDJ NNS for Bryce Helm’s “Gone”.

Turns out all music videos don’t have to follow the traditional cheesy plot line of the band recklessly standing and pretending to play their instruments, with occasional cuts an overly deep story often involving a hetero couple at some stage of their relationship. Music video can also be crazy trips taking you into the realm of virtual reality, just like the one you can find below, created by DVDJ NNS of LOLLAB.

The video was premiered on Japanese magazine Massage, just a few days after Bryce Helm’s tape “Persona” was released on the Czech cassette label Genot Centre. The record, combining various forms of abstract house and techno, will bring you to a pleasurable state of overwhelmed exhausting through its mixture of ecstatic, diverse sound. Give it a listen on Genot Centre’s Bandcamp.

Genot Centre: Facebook, Bandcamp
Music: Bryce Helm
Text: Anna Wim

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