First Hate: No music talks

If you're searching for information about the Danish duo’s upcoming music releases, their summer tour, their new videos, or simply the meanings of their songs, look somewhere else.

Interview by Padla Nemeckova and Anna Wim, text by Anna Wim

“Hey Anton, can we do an interview with your band for Kink?”
“Sure, but we don’t wanna talk about our music.”

This is exactly how our first business conversation with First Hate went. But since we at Kink like everything bizarre and untraditional, we were, of course, on board! Pavla’s and Anna’s favorite pastime is asking each other silly questions, like “if you were a fruit, which kind would you be?”, so there were no doubts which Kink team members were going to be given this slightly odd task.

Even though we were told not to ask about music, it is impossible not to mention it in the introduction for those who haven’t heard of the talented duo yet. The young musicians behind First Hate come from the city of the little Mermaid and vibrant local music scene; they even dedicated a whole song to their hometown, called, surprise surprise, Copenhagen. They released their debut album, under the name “A Prayer for the Unemployed” (feel ya), this May via the alt Danish label Escho. First Hate’s music is all about 80s cheerful synth-pop melodies crushed by melancholic but oh-so-relatable lyrics sung in Anton’s dark, deep voice. It makes you wanna dance. It makes you wanna cry. But who said you can’t do both at once?


First Hate


How did you two get to meet each other?
We met at an animal shelter where we worked; caring for hurt and lost animals.


Describe each other in five words.


Do you have some pet-peeves about each other?
Anton: Joakim snores and says that I’m the one snoring.
Joakim: Anton complains about me snoring on tour.



When do you feel your inner Dane showing the most?
We try not to let it show too much.


Where in Copenhagen would you take someone who has never been there before?
Copenhagen can be magic. We grew up there, so there are a ton of places we can think of.
Our city is just about walking around with no purpose in the summertime/finding places/climbing fences and roofs/jumping in the canal, walking through the tunnels on the train tracks. Or go to a nice museum if you like.


Day or night? Sweet or sour? Books or films?
24 hours a day. Sweet & Sour. Films.



If you were a videogame super-warrior what would be your ultimate move?

Joakim: One-Touch-Instant-Healing.
Anton: My favourite character is Voldo, all of his moves are badass; I’d copy him.


If you were to eat one meal till the rest of your life, what would it be?
Rice with avocado, coriander, cucumber, sriracha, and hoisin sauce.



What song would make you always dance no matter where, no matter when?
Most music.


What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?
Anton: I dreamt I was playing football with a Lasse Dearman. I shot for a goal while he was being the goalkeeper. In mid air the ball that I had shot against him turned into a snake and it attacked him. He turned into a snake too and the two snakes ate each other on the grass.

Joakim: I dreamt I was a beautiful housewife in the beginning of my fifties. On my way out of the house with my two kids, I caught a burglar, and shattered him into a thousand of glass pieces with a large hammer.


First Hate: Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram
Photo: Magnus Bach
Interview: Padla Nemeckova, Anna Wim
Text: Anna Wim

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