Good hard fun

Today is the International Masturbation Day – why not celebrate with an oh-so-sweet feast brought to you by the porcelain sex toy brand Fine Bone!

While every day deserves a lil jerk off, today is extra suited for it: apparently, May is the Masturbation Month, and May 28 is the holiest day of it all. We’ve teamed up with Fine Bone, a small London based brand that focuses on producing ethically-made porcelain dildos. Why porcelain, you might ask? It is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb any bacteria or STIs into its own material, waterproof, suitable for hot and cold play (run it under warm water or put it in the freezer for a special sensation), and has the amazing feel of added weight that can create just the right pressure everywhere you need. On top of that, it easily passes as a beautiful home decor, so no need to worry about leaving it out on your bedside table!

To honor this special day, we created this mini photo series inspired by vintage housewife aesthetics which stars Fine Bone’s Prudence dildo. Pastel colors, heaps of whipped cream, and all kinds of baked goods served on fancy dinnerware; pride of every retro household. Go take a lick, why don’t you?



Fine Bone: Website, Instagram
Photos: Anna Wim / flowersanddildos

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