Fetish and flamboyance

Join us for a hedonistic fruity supper with kinky royalty dressed in vinyl accessories by Lui Trash, captured by Eily Thams.

Come join us for a regal feast laid out on silk, where lush pomegranates and dragon fruit seduce you with their intoxicating scent, and rendezvous with two hedonists to revel in the delights for eyes, body and soul. Enjoy it to the fullest but keep your spirits high for an indulgence in after-dark debauchery too, there’ll be no rest tonight.

Adorned in glossy vinyl accessories by Lui Trash, and dressed in gauzy tulle and delicate silk ensembles by Judith Bondy, the models Alexia and Nikolas were photographed by Eily Thams. The set design of the royal feast was created by Anna Wim and Rhiannon Thayer.



Lui Trash: Instagram, online store
Photography: Eily Thams
Assistant: Rhiannon Thayer
Set design: Anna Wim / flowersanddildos
Clothes: Lui Trash, Judith Bondy
MUA: @spankedsiren
Models: @ashus2ashus, @spankedsiren
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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