FemmeFitness x k(y)nk: At-home dance routine PART 2

Shake your booty and pump your chest with our second FemmeFitness home exercise video, this time to music by Marseille’s Moesha 13!

It’s 2020, and it’s about the highest time we started taking accessibility seriously. Accessibility is not just about putting up a ramp, or including an image description from time to time, when you feel like it. It needs to be a conscious effort that encompasses all aspects of everyone’s lives, making sure each and every one, regardless of their “limitations,” is able to reach the same possibilities.



This was exactly our approach when coming up with this short video series of at-home dance routines. FemmeFitness, Berlin-based fitness class that approaches exercise with an intersectional, feminist, and anti-colonialist lens, is already a very open and all-welcoming project that strives for as much accessibility as possible, however, that can be difficult when one is limited by and dependent on rental venues’ design and rules. How could the feminist workout be made even more approachable for those, whose different constraints prevent them from entering the exercise spaces? Enter k(y)nk here, and our joint video effort was born.



Moving away from workouts that focus on disciplining and punishing the body, FemmeFitness x k(y)nk allows you to enjoy a little dance that warms up your muscles and increases your heartbeat without the pressure of looking perfect, losing weight, or being the strongest or fastest. It is entirely up to you to modify the moves, to split your exercise sessions into parts, to do it day or night (as long as your neighbors allow you, that is!).



Moesha 13’s song Respect is at the center of this second and final part of the video series. Moesha 13 is a DJ, singer and producer based in Marseille, influenced by (French) rap, dancehall and reggaeton. The choreography is done entirely by FemmeFitness’ Anisha Müller, who is wearing knits by Ingrato and makeup and hair by @livia.jpeg. The light design was made by Ves aka Grinderteeth, and the video was shot and produced by k(y)nk’s Anna Wim.



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