FemmeFitness x k(y)nk: At-home dance routine PART 1

We joined forces with Berlin's own FemmeFitness to create an exclusive DIY feminist exercise video series you can follow from your own bedroom!

We all know that a little exercise can really boost your mood, filling your whole body with endorphins, but, unfortunately, a lot of workout culture is focused on weight loss and ways of punishing one’s body through vigorous training. Luckily, there are initiatives that strive to take exercising out of this context, and FemmeFitness, founded by Berlin-based Anisha Müller, is one of them.



FemmeFitness is an all-welcoming class that aims to present dance and fitness through a feminist, intersectional, decolonized lens, looking to allow the participants to step outside of the constraints of racism, ableism, and classism (at least for that hour!). Previously held in Berlin’s St. Georg club and other club-like environments, it reframes the dance routines into more chill, laid-back private parties, distancing itself from the male and colonial gaze.



We have teamed up with FemmeFitness to present you with a two-part series of dance routines that you can whip up in the comfort of your own home, as we all realize that even though the Berlin classes strive to be as accessible as possible, there are still many obstacles, whether personal or structural, people can struggle with. With these little DIY, Jane Fonda inspired home videos, you can set your own pace, take your time, and enjoy them without the fear of anyone or anything limiting you!



The first part is choreographed to song Arró by Eslabrava, who is an Argentinian rapper that sings about sex, love, diversity, and machismo. Anisha is styled in fluffy knitted outfits by Ingrato and sports make up and hair by @livia.jpeg, dancing under dramatic lights designed by Ves aka Grinderteeth. The video was shot and produced by k(y)nk’s Anna Wim.


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