Invitation: All I Want for Christmas is the Fall of Patriarchy

As the holidays are fast approaching and you're trying to make your way through the countless sneaky gift guides and consumerism traps, you might find yourself with Mariah singing her very own Christmas wishes in your one ear and a burning question in the other: what is it that I really want? As for us, the answer is clear: all we want for Christmas is the fall of patriarchy.

Text by Gabriela Holesova

Before you jump on the train of Christmassy festivities, mark your calendar with another date worth to celebrate – the day of the exhibition ‘All I Want for Christmas is the Fall of Patriarchy’ taking place on 21 December in Prague. A project realised by Kink’s editor-in-chief Anna Wim and Natalie Kollega, the exhibition aims to act as a platform for femme and non-binary artists – steering clear of a mere white feminism representation and putting emphasis on intersectionality and inclusivity instead. The displayed pieces will include photography, illustration, performance, video, and digital art by feminist and queer artists from all over the world. As an addition to the programme, menstrual sanitary items will be collected for a donation to socially and economically disadvantaged people without access to these products.

The currently confirmed artists are: Anna Wim, bad juju, Bailey Keogh, Drago Xie, Elise Rose + Katy Jalili (Femmierrect), Kass Vladyka, Laura Lulika, Marketa Garai, Matthew Kennedy, Miriama Kardosova, Opashona Ghosh, Rosalind Shrinivas, Sasha Staicu, Sex School, and Waginapineapple. There will also be drag performances by Karen and Gigi Stardust, and feminist merch and vegan Christmas sweets to buy!

If this is something you resonate with and wish to support and forge the feeling of a safe space for everyone involved, feel free to pop round and check the exhibition out in the Lobby at Karoliny Svetle 325/31, Prague 1. Let’s all set our collective intentions and tear the patriarchy down!

Find the Facebook event here.


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All I Want for Christmas is the Fall of Patriarchy: Facebook event
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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