Faux zeitgeist

Are we really the people we try to present ourselves as? Dutch photographer Charmaine de Heij comments on the influence of technology on our own identity in her recent project.

Text by Anna Wim

“Blister, swiping and scrolling.
“Will this app make me look like them?”
Bio; social influencer.
“Who are you? You look so different in real life.”
This will make me beautiful.
“I follow the hype not myself.”
Looking real is sooooooooo medieval!

Who am I?”

Charmaine’s works might be popping with colors, but in fact touches upon a plethora of dark, bleak topics. Using simple yet striking compositions, she manages to portray the complexity of trying to survive in the modern world. It’s her very own surreal visual diary, bridging the distinction between dreams and reality.

“Faux zeitgeist” explores how identity is constructed in digital age – while we might think we shape our social media, social media in fact shapes us. Is the ideal image we present “ideal” according to our own wishes, or to someone else’s. How far away is the online from offline?


deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_01

deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_02

deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_03

deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_05

deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_06

deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_07

deHeij_Charmaine_faux zeitgeist_08


Charmaine de Heij: Instagram, Website
Text: Anna Wim

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