Digital world meets ancient muses

In a series called The Promise of Sublime Words, Polish artist Ewa Doroszenko combines modern Internet glitch visual art with photography and ancient Greek statues.

Text by Mahulena Kopecka

Visual artist Ewa Doroszenko lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She began creating the series during her doctoral studies – when she was preparing for her history exam, Ewa found herself fascinated by pictures of ancient and classicist statues. Her main aim was to show her favourite sculptures as objects which arouse ambiguous associations in a viewer’s mind. This series is inspired by her personal fascination, but it also reflects a combination of classic photography material in a space of the Internet.

The process of creating each picture is quite extensive – taking photographs of textbook illustrations, printing them, physically manipulating those prints, then scanning these manipulated pictures and digitally modifying them. By this multilayered method Doroszenko erodes viewer’s ability to recognize which part of the picture is a photograph and which is just a digital adjustment. These fragmented collages, consisting of mostly shades of gray, appear to be abstract, only sometimes we can recognize a specific subject. Modified photographs complement digital fragments and create a modern collage of the digital age.


ewa_doroszenko_01 ewa_doroszenko_02 ewa_doroszenko_03 ewa_doroszenko_04 ewa_doroszenko_05 ewa_doroszenko_06 ewa_doroszenko_07 ewa_doroszenko_08 ewa_doroszenko_09 ewa_doroszenko_10


Ewa Doroszenko: Website, Instagram
Text: Mahulena Kopecka

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