Don’t let the devil in

Russian photographer Evgenia Merrick explores the conflict of mainstream beauty standards and androgyny in her latest editorial.

Text by Anna Wim

It’s hiding around the corner. It’s trying to sneak in under your door. It’s waiting while you sleep. It tries to get you anywhere you go. It wants to summon you, to break you, to mold it to its own vision. Don’t let it break you. You’re so much more that what it tells you to be. Screw the rules. Screw the roles. Your experience is valid.

“This story is about the conflict of self-determination of androgynous folks and modern society opinion on them. It is critical that our society critically approaches the ways in which certain bodies and identities are represented in the media space – all this has a massive impact on how certain groups feel about themselves. In this story, I tried to combine some elements that mass media gives us as mainstream beauty standards and elements that neutralize men’s gender.”








Evgenia Merrick: Portfolio, Instagram
Model: Mika
Styling, MUAH: Darya Pyatibratova
Text: Anna Wim

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