Fractures and cracks in a peaceful scene

Enchanted Lands’ debut record, put out by Genot Centre, feels like winter creeping under your skin, like a mystery you never want to solve. Perfect soundtrack for the misty days of late November!

Text by Anna Wim

The Prague-based cassette label Genot Centre’s latest release is Enchanted Lands’ debut. Titled “Feed Goals,” it comprises of six tracks with rather intricate names (“A Touch of Pink Always Brightens My Mornings” is definitely our favorite), taking you on a calm but delightfully disturbing journey through carefully (de)constructed sonic sceneries.

It is a mystifying, haunting symphony built from fragmented sounds. In a way, it is very Lynchian – it feels like a dream, you’re caught in the depths of it, slowly submerging to its invisible powers, unsure whether it’s a good or bad one. The songs shatter and dissolve, leaving you with a sense of longing, only to appear again in a reassembled yet still bewildering sequence.

The record is released in a limited edition of fifty-five C27 tapes sprinkled with gold glitter, accompanied by a cover art by Galen Tipton, put together in a layout by Krstn Klkv. Get a taste of it in an album teaser by h5io below, or stream it fully on Genot Centre’s Bandcamp. To the enchanted lands of aural disturbance and beyond!


Enchanted Lands – Feed Goals (GEN017) // teaser from Genot Centre on Vimeo.

Lubica Martincova_8647

feed_goals_tape3_by Kryštof Hlůže

feed_goals_tape2_by Kryštof Hlůže
Enchanted Lands: Soundcloud
Photos: Lubica Martincova (1), Krystof Hluze (2 & 3)
Text: Anna Wim

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