Local heroes: Enchanted Lands

Join us for a chat with the talented Prague-based producer Barbora Polcerova aka Enchanted Lands. We talk new music and future plans, being introverted, a world without capitalism, and the deepest desires of one’s soul.

Ever since dropping her debut record “Feed Goals,” released on Genot Centre, the Czech producer Enchanted Lands has been receiving praise, and quite rightfully. Her music is ambient yet disturbingly drone-y, taking inspirations from the strangely soothing ASMR techniques, fascinating its listeners with its complicated simplicity. Barbora’s work definitely stands out on the Czech music scene; which granted her two nominations for the local music award Vinyla (Best album and Best new artist) – we’re keeping our fingers crossed for her hoping she manages to score them, and we encourage you to do the same!


Jiří Šeda


Hi Barbora, how are you?
Pretty decent, thank you.

First of all, could you explain us what’s behind your artistic pseudonym “Enchanted Lands”? How did you come up with that?
Some days I intensely regret this kinda ridiculous name but I think it fits my stuff quite well. The name is a reference to new age legend Iasos. Check out his amazing website where he shares insights about astral travelling and sells enormous crystals.

It’s been a couple of months since your debut album came out. Have you started working on new stuff already?
I have, actually! The last few months were quite frustrating because I had to focus mostly on practical stuff so I’m happy to get back to producing. So far it’s in the phase of sketches so let’s see where it all goes.



Your album is called “Feed Goals”, a clear reference to Instagram. What do you personally think of the pervasive influence of social media on all of us though?
I have to admit I have a bit of a weird fascination with Instagram and I’m often quite puzzled what’s the basis of those perfectly polished lives I see showcased there. On the other hand, I wouldn’t like to go all Black Mirror biting social critique here, I find that a bit laughable.

You’re participating in the Genot Centre showcase at the Czech Centre in Berlin this month. What else is in the books for you?
I would like to play as many shows as possible while organically finishing a new release. I would also love to properly learn how to work with visuals.

You create music on your own as well as collaborate with people. Is the process different to you? Do you prefer one way, if any?
Playing by myself is definitely more common for me and since I have some introvert tendencies it’s also the thing I’m the most comfortable with. Collaborating with people however forces me to get out of this comfort zone and also try new things I would otherwise find rather intimidating.



If you were to score a film, a play, or perhaps a performance, who would you like to collaborate with?
Someone like Anna Biller would be perfect. I’m all about angelic harps and pretty pastels.

Apart from making music, what keeps you busy?
Daydreaming. Anti-capitalist thinking. Unresolved mysteries. Making elaborate meals in a kitchen that measures two square meters. Doing jobs I don’t particularly care about.

Let’s do a few quick questions. Day or night? Sweet or spicy? Outside or inside? Emotion or logic? Calling or texting?
Night. Spicy. Inside. Emotion. Don’t ever force me to call you if you like me.



Our topic of the month is Desire – what is the wildest desire of your heart?
Travel the world, write a cryptic novel and live in a contemporary conformist eco greenhouse mansion, live outside of capitalism.

Last but not least, we’re always looking for interesting people to feature on Kink. Is there someone (from your local scene) you’d like to recommend to us?
Prague post-club audiovisual collective Reaper Death Seal Corporation or the beautiful Berlin based Slovak For You Katrina who I think fits the Kink vibe very well.


Enchanted Lands: Soundcloud
Photos: Jiří Šeda
Text: Anna Wim

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