Explore the intertwining of inner energies with the electrical photography of Ella Miller. Here’s a little overseas take on the concept of power.

Ella Miller is a photographer and filmmaker coming from Seattle and currently living in Philadelphia. As a part of the Curated By Girls collective, Ella’s work revolves around the notion of femininity and becomes a major means of expressing her understanding of feminism through visual art. Her ongoing series “Dump Him” present a careful exploration of female body in all its forms and shape, often juxtaposed with digital elements and illuminated by piercing bright colours.

This time, Ella prepared a selection of her works, photography and animation, which demonstrate the author’s perception of power as an internal aggregation of energies that fuel and empower our being and at their height they almost visibly seep through the skin to the outside world. The power unit of one’s self plugged in the network.

“What resonated with me when I was thinking about power was the power of the self. The energy of your life force and all the matter inside you that works together to create you and eventually the world around you. I kept thinking of these colors and patterns taking shape inside of me. I wanted to take this idea and create something in between how we view power in the context of our inner and outer selves.”

Get inspired to find what dwells inside.








Ella Miller: Website, Instagram
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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