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Video art poetry of Eden Mitsenmacher is like a sneak peek into the journal of your oversaturated mind. Click and disintegrate.

Text by Padla Nemeckova

Coming from the United States, Eden Mitsenmacher currently works and creates in various places all around Europe, including Rotterdam, London, and Tel Aviv. Eden works primarily with the medium of video art, performance, and installation, combining them and creating a unique work of art which carries characteristics of all these forms. Eden’s work is saturated with imagery and themes of the new media milieu. Internet culture and it’s illusions upon illusions turned to hyperreality. A lot of Eden’s artworks function as a certain kind of video poetry of self-irony, reflection, and segmental deconstruction. Experience Eden’s art on your own with our selection below.


Forever in a Day / 1 minute 10 seconds/ Video / 2016


Couldn’t Dream Anywhere / 3 minute 39 seconds/ Video / 2016


Loading / 56 seconds / Video / 2015


These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ (Collaboration Rebecca Tritschler) / 2 minute 41 seconds / Video / 2017


dot dot dot/ 5 minutes 32 seconds / 2016


Back to Reality / 1 minute 39 seconds / 2016


4ever / 1 minute 32 seconds / Video / 2015


Eden Mitsenmacher: Web, Instagram
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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