Easterndaze x Berlin

For twelve days, independent art collectives will join forces in the German capital to bring out the best of underground culture from Eastern and Central Europe. Get ready for the celebration with our hand-picked playlist!



Forget about all the Eastern European clichés. Throw them out of the window, bury them in the ground, and run to at least one of the Easterndaze x Berlin events to restore your faith in the current state of the local cultural scene. For almost two weeks, many upcoming underground talents from countries as the Czech Republic, Hungary or Romania will be brought together on the premises of a former crematorium in Wedding and in one of the smallest (but loveliest) cinemas in town. The festival, curated by Lucia Udvardyová and produced by Natalie Gravenor, will take place from 28th September to 9th October, and its program will include live music shows, screenings, and video installations.




For the music events, each Eastern European collective will be teamed up with a Berlin-based label for even more interesting mix of new sounds. The first pair, Portals Editions (DE) x Farbwechsel (HU), will kick off the festival on Thursday 28th, and will be followed by a night dedicated to TRADE (DE) and BABA VANGA (CZ) on Friday and a collaboration of Sameheads Berlin (DE) and Future Nuggets (RO) on Saturday. After a quick rest on Sunday, Monday the 3rd will bring a close to the music program with Praxis Records x Christoph de Babalon (DE) x WIDT (PL). The lineup includes artists as KETEV, S Olbricht, Ziúr, Tlaotlon, Silver Waves, Noumeno, Kimatica Studio, Novo Line, Christoph de Babalon & WIDT collaborative A/V performance, and many more.


Get into the #Easternmagic mood with our playlist:


Easterndaze x Berlin: Website, Facebook event
Artwork: Márton Bertók
Text: Anna Wim

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