Earthly Identities

Join the biblical garden where gender transcends the binary and holy souls are free to exist in their truest form.

“Earthly Identities” is an editorial that draws inspiration from the Garden of Eden narrative, yet without the bigotry and cis-heterosexism the church adds to it. Instead, it rewrites the fixed roles of sex, gender and power that the story enforces, imagining a garden of transcendence and fluidity. A garden where heavenly beings can lounge without any pressure of expectations and norms, where one gets to define themselves however they please.

This editorial, shot by Eily Thams, was originally published in Subvrt.mag. The models are sporting Melisa Minca’s upcycled Day Spa collection.



Photography: Eily Thams
Outfits: Melisa Minca
Models: Rhiannon, Nix, Alyha, Alexia, Alfiya
Makeup artist: Estela Suarez
Set design: Colourfulchiara
CG post effects: Elisathecreative
Set assistance: Miya T.

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