Show us your Soul

Connect with yourself in the hectic daily routine, hear a soft little noise, feel a touch: Dora Tarasidou is melting away all the fears and touching your soft insides.

Reacting to our April topic “Soul,” Berlin-based Greek artist Dora Tarasidou is sharing with us her artworks. There is no doubt you have already heard about her since she is the founder of Soft Within, international art platform and online gallery we are glad to collaborate with, which brings artistic and creative people together from all over the world. The main aim is to highlight social matters, such as mental health, equality, and diversity in the most introspective ways.

Dora presents her sculptures and collages, showing us the way to the magic world, where we can lose the fear of vulnerability and just be tender. Escape the reality, relax, close your eyes for a moment and reconnect with yourself. There is no more constant struggle of everyday life, no bad vibes in the air. Now open up your eyes again and set your mind free. Don’t be afraid to face the world showing your hidden soft side. There is nothing more scary and beautiful at the same time, then opened Soul. Softness is not a sign of weakness. Try to truly feel and enjoy some of Dora’s artworks as we do.





filing of feelings2017









Dora Tarasidou: Instagram
Text: Polina Korneeva

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