Swimming in the darkness

By combining digital photography with oil-on-glass painting, the Russian photographer Daria Amaranth creates a dreamy editorial titled “Delusion.”

Text by Anna Wim

The artist wraps her models in fabrics in her latest mysteriously melancholic photo series. Her traditionally simple compositions hide an untold story, with hints of longing gleaming in the models’ eyes, transfixed somewhere beyond the frame. The green light makes it seem like the photos were shot underwater, as if the models were floating in the depths of drifting sea. A false sense of calmness, an unsettling feeling of emptiness.

Coming from Saint Petersburg, Daria is a young conceptual photographer whose dark, intimate work almost resembles classical paintings. Specializing in portraits, and often using insects and reptiles crawling over the models’ faces, she creates disturbing and surreal sceneries which instantly catch your eye.









Daria Amaranth: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Behance
Model: Alexandra Magelatova
Text: Anna Wim

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