Strapped beneath the sheets

Smooth like a sunbathed skin, Dánae Cuesta's analog photography is a celebration of the fragile moments tied up with a ribbon of shameless sensuality.

Originally from Spain, now living and working in Berlin, the photographer creates beautifully warm snapshots of people, which have the feeling of genuiness similar to messy hair spread over the pillow in the morning, the smell of skin in the sun, the bare arms wrapped around a naked belly, or a straw rope tightly clasping one’s limbs. The soft and misty mood of Cuesta’s shots is also a result of her dedication to analog photography. The proclamatory hashtag #filmisnotdead expresses the belief in pure technique without post-production retouches, Cuesta’s work being its ultimate proof.

However, besides the apparent artistic value, Dánae uses the medium of photography to comment on many of the issues concerning body image, gender and censorship of natural physicality, which are continuously popping up within the context of new media and internet. The following photo shoot plays upon several thematic and symbolic threads. Combining the graceful art of bondage with the romantic golden-brown tinge of late-afternoon sheets, the photos go against many of the prejudices concerning the body in its sexuality and sensuality.













Dánae Cuesta: Portfolio, Instagram
Text: Padla Nemeckova

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