Announcement: CTM 2019

We loved going to the CTM festival last year, and of course we’re going to do it this time too. Here’s what we’re looking forward to the most!

The 2019 edition of the now very well established festival is “Persistence,” which, given it’s been going for exactly 20 years now, seems very fitting. The program is as diverse as ever, ranging from art installations, dance/theatre performances, live shows, DJ sets, talks, and much more. The addition of an ice rink to Berghain Halle is a hilarious move – I just can’t really decide if it’s hilarious good or hilarious bad, to be quite frank. But yeah, this year you can also ice skate to the sounds of exquisite DJ sets, and that surely is an original take on club environment.




Since CTM runs for 10 days straight, it is impossible to plan to get see and hear everything the festival has to offer. As always, it is a very tough choice to pick just a few events to be at, and if you’re still hesitating, here’s where we will be for sure: The exhibition opening at Kunstraum Bethanien and nGbK on Friday Jan 25, which, despite probably being incredibly packed, will be a great place to both get a quick art fix and an overview of which of your pals, lovers, or enemies are attending this year. If you’re not too tired after all the small talk and socializing, we recommend heading to Berghain for an astonishing mix of Tbilisi’s own Bassiani DJs and some of our fave alt club stars, including RUI HO. Saturday’s “Floorgasm” (really?) at Griessmuehle, with Juliana Huxtable and LSDXOXO, should be very cute; just ike 700 Bliss playing at Berghain on Wednesday the 30th. Berghain’s quite a place to be during the festival, at least in our view, and we highly recommend heading there on the very last day of January too – the lineup, spread out over all of the club’s floors, is really packed; shows by Lotic, AJA, Zanias, Gazelle Twin, or DJ Haram. And of course, the closing night is a must-visit too, with live sets by CURL, Tirzah, and Yves Tumor, followed by DJ sets at Paloma. If you’re more into performance art, make sure to check out the “Love&Rage” event at DAAD, or “As If We Were Hopeful” and “As If We Were Kin” at HAU. MONOM will once again be host for many experimental sound installations/performances, which should not be missed either!

Have fun running around Berlin to get from one CTM venue to another, and wave at us if you see us doing it too!




CTM Festival: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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