Reinventing club music

We interviewed French producer coucou chloé, whose club-friendly ballads make us go weak at the knees.

coucou chloé released her “Halo” EP through Berlin’s Creamcake this autumn, and that’s when we fell in love with her. Soon after, we managed to see her live show during 3hd Festival, and we knew it was not just a short-lasting crush – her music combining distorted vocals with unexpected, upbeat sounds just had us. That’s why we decided to get in touch with her and ask her a couple of questions about her work and life!

© Alex Zalewska


Hi Chloé, how are you?
Always good, what about you?
We’re good too, thanks! : )


If you were to describe your music in one word, what would it be?
Hmm, honestly I would just propose to people to listen to it!



What is the main source of inspiration for you when you make music?
My experience from clubs [I visit] and, I guess, the fact that lately i’ve been a bit bored of where music is right now, which, in a weird way, inspired me to make more club music.


What is the most intense musical experience you’ve ever had?
I just found this track, kind of randomly, Otomo Yoshihide – Modulation #2, I played it and at first listen I didn’t understand what I was listening to, and then the guitar arrived and kept my attention until I had “le déclic” at the middle of the track, I suddenly began to cry a lot.


What are your plans for 2017? We know you’re playing Poland in January, do you have any other touring plans? Can we look forward to any new releases?
I will have the pleasure to play at Club C I T S in Manchester 3rd February beside Bonaventure and 24th February at Paradiso Acts in Amsterdam with Kamixlo, Uli K, Killavesi and more. I will tour this year as Y1640—my side project with Sega Bodega—it will be announced (very) soon.
Definitely wait for more things to come!


You played at the last 3hd festival – did you also attend all of the events? What did you like the most at the festival?
I had such a fun time being a part of this festival, I stayed longer in Berlin to see all of it. There were some artists I really wanted to see performing, like Bonaventure, Hvad, Soda Plains x Negroma and many more, but I was unfortunately too ill and it’s really a shame.



And how did you get involved with the Creamcake girls?
I was following them for a few months, and they emailed me to propose me to be a part of the festival. We talked about releasing some music on their label, and everything came so naturally. I have massive respect for what they do.


We know you used to study art, what made you focus more on music?
To be honest, I was a part of the school but I was really not the best worker. I had fun there, but I left to focus on music.


You relocated from France to London. What is your favorite place there?
I’m still discovering!



2016 just ended, what was your favorite moment of the year?
I think about so many moments that made me smile and also cry. I can just say that every day that passes becomes my favorite day.


Our current topic is “power” – what or who gives you the power to create?


And last but not least; we’re always looking for new artists to feature in our magazine – is there anyone interesting (from your local scene) you think we should write about on Kink?
Me and some close friends have started a new collective called NUXXE with Shygirl and Sega Bodega, you should keep them in mind.


coucou chloé: Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram
Photo: Alex Zalewska
Text + interview: Anna Wim, Bajza

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