Is there a k(y)nky future?

Could it be you who saves our magazine from disappearance?


You might have seen it coming – the k(y)nky adventure that was started in 2014 has been slowly coming to its end. It’s not that we don’t want to continue sharing European queer talent with you, we, unfortunately, cannot.


From the very beginning, k(y)nk was never a profitable venture. All of us who have ever blessed the website with words or pictures did it for free, and despite its 6 year history, we were unable to turn the magazine into a steady source of income for those dedicating their time to it. All that we ever earned through sales of the printed magazines, we put back into paying creatives who created exclusive content for us.


Like many other magazines, most of the artists whose work we’ve published never got paid for it. However, unlike many other magazines (sorry for the shade), we have never been comfortable with this arrangement and tried to be as mindful and respectful of artists’ wishes and royalties as possible, allowing to reshare their content wherever they wanted, trying to never ask anyone to create something specifically for us without any compensation.


But people do deserve to be paid for their time and energy, and such a situation where neither the people running the mag nor those contributing to it are getting any money is not a sustainable one. It wears you off, and when you face many restrictions imposed on you by the social media lords just because of the name of your magazine (remember when we had to rename ourselves from Kink because Facebook and Instagram thought we were part of the BDSM porn website, it hits even harder.


That being said, we believe we have managed to build an interesting and exciting platform, and it would be sad to see it die in vain.


That’s why we are calling on all you who have always wanted to have their own magazine, who are ambitious writers or photographes, or who always know who and what’s going to become the next big thing – come take over k(y)nk! We are stepping away, and you can enter and reign the k(y)nky land instead. You can enter 2021 as a magazine contributor, which is definitely a nice recovery move after the whirlwind that 2020 has been. Just drop us a line in our dms or email, and let’s talk business!



– Anna, Paulina, and Polina

( y )