Bye bye 2k17: Mixtape by Kaa Glo

Pump up the last night of this strange year with an inclusive mix by Prague’s one and only Kaa Glo.


Uneventful, predictable, chill – that’s what 2017 was definitely not. Shed a tear, down that shot, kiss the stranger you just met, and never look back at all those fuckups of the past twelve months. Dance your way into the new year, fresh and ready for the new adventure. Even though the different number at the end of the date won’t change much itself, you have the power (and every right) to draw a line at what’s been done and start anew. Launch that new version of you – you 2.018.

But before you do that, it is advised you leave 2017 behind with a proper bang. A goodbye party, a cheerful funeral of sorts. Whether on your own or with your ~fam~, it is only up to you, but make sure it’s an outright frivolous celebration. And to help you with that, we’re bringing a thumping mix carefully put together by one of Kink’s founders, a queer & vegan queen of eccentric fashion and a rising DJ star Kaa Glo.



Kaa Glo: Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook
Text: Anna Wim

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