Bodily distortions

Photographer Alma Rosaz and designer Jason Zhang experiment with textures, poses, and metaphors in their latest editorial. Allow your mind to trick you!

Text by Anna Wim

Our consciousness might be our biggest enemy. It misinterprets things, rewrites memories, sees hidden meanings where they aren’t supposed to be. What you remember will never be accurate, and in fact will slightly change every time you try to recall the events – that’s a fact. This editorial, titled “Distortions,” is drawing its inspiration from the imperfection of our minds, with Jason’s clothes mimicking different fits or structures, intended to confuse your brain.

Delve into the photos of mangled body parts and odd textures shot by the French-born, London-based young photographer Alma Rosaz below, and let your imagination go wild!


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Photography: Alma Rosaz
Clothes, styling: Jason Zhang
MUA: Asta Gost
Model: Lauren Tamlyn Gillies
Text: Anna Wim

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