KINSHIP: Believe all survivors

Hello Rooster's project, based on their own experience after being sexually assaulted on porn set, calls for more inclusive representation and, mostly, support of survivors.

Victims of ALL Representation Matter
Victims Need To Be Heard
ALL Survivors look different


These illustrations are a reminder that ALL survivors of sexual assault deserve to be heard and believed. These were commissioned and inspired by the story of Rufai; Hello Rooster, who on the 9th of June 2017 was raped and sexually assaulted on a feminist porn set (by a director at Erika Lust Films). Rufai then had their birth name revealed and exposed online without their consent by Erika Lust, further breaching a written contract. This caused Rufai to suffer a severe mental health crisis; damaging their safety & livelihood as a sex worker.


“Now, I can still access and view my boundary violations and rape, as can any other viewers of the film, by searching for Erika Lust Films online. This is an aspect of sexual assault on set that is particular to porn production: performers can re- experience their assaults time and again, on any screen.”
– Hello Rooster


The aim of this project was to encourage the involved artists to creating their own version of what they consider as under-represented & marginalized survivors, to challenge the erasure of survivors who aren’t always white, cis, feminine, able- bodied, middle class women. Ten different artists explored the topic of representation in this series, receiving commission fee of £100 – £150, with some of them donating it to charities that support survivors of sexual assault and/or marginalised groups: SWARM Collective, English Collective of Prostitutes, STRASS Syndicat, Ubuntu Women’s Shelter, @transyouthlunchclub, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, TransWomen of Color Collective, Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice, Decrim Now UK, Bluestockings Bookstore.

The final aim is to share these illustrations on social media to remind everyone that ALL survivors matter, including survivors of marginalised identities.


Read more about Hello Rooster’s story:


Jacob V Joyce

Decolonial Killjoy

Ggggrimes Gabriella Grimes


SaltandChilli Emma

Bee Illustrates

Rudy Loewe


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Hello Rooster: Website, Instagram
Illustration (from top to bottom): Jacob V Joyce, Decolonial Killjoy, Ggggrimes Gabriella Grimes, Frizzkidart, SaltandChilli Emma, Bee Illustrates, Rudy Loewe

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