Breathe in, breathe out

Czech visual artist Barbora Tauerova, who's behind our current cover artwork, shares her take on our November topic Spirit.

Text by Anna Wim

Peek into the soul of Barbora Tauerova through her blood-colored animation. The Czech artist, now based in Belgium, switched from her usual dreamy watercolor paintings to 3D modelling to capture her own spirit for us.

“Art without spirit is one of the things that scare me the most. For the longest time I’ve presented my art simply as nice pictures but lately this description started to irritate me. And this idea of my pictures being nothing more creeped on me more and more. Like there’s something behind my back, just waiting for me to slip into this comfortable mindset of just making nice pictures. Fortunately there’s my spirit, my driving power for me to strive for the meaning behind my work. I can’t stop, I need to come back again and again to see if I can find it everytime I take brush or mouse and keyboard in my hand. There surely needs to be something more if I want to engage you with my art. I’m not quite sure whether I’m able to clearly articulate what is my spirit is right now, however I’m excited from what my spirit will drive me to do next.

Thinking of the topic “Spirit,” a theme of duality comes into my mind. I think of spirit as a mirroring of our minds, our wishes and our search of purpose. Although we might not be always aware of it, our lives are about our spirits constantly changing and growing as we learn how to live. My take on this led to creating a tiny floating island of my spirit. I wanted to have a duality in the mediums I’d use too. First came a simple sketch in watercolor; based on that I created a 3D model, this model comes with whole new perspective for the watercolor picture that was prior. You as a viewer now can interact with that 3D model of my spirit island by rotating it, focusing on one of the many different angles. Trying to give my island even more scale and life, I’ve added fourth dimension – time. I’ve created a simple animation mimicking a breathing. Inhale – exhale. Choose the pace that suits your life and spirit.”



Barbora Tauerova: Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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