ANNOUNCEMENT: Himera – Fragile

Czech music blog/label/DJ crew/all-at-once Gin&Platonic releases Himera’s first full-length record “Fragile.” Buckle up for an unexpected ride!



Himera likes to play with his music, so get ready for an album that is an extremely wild journey through what seems every corner of the sonic universe. The Ireland-based producer draws his inspiration from his last year’s trip to Latvia (where he was originally born to a Russian-speaking family) – like many, he was influenced by the blissful and energetic rave culture of post-communist Europe.

The music at times resembles sounds of sea waves, alternating from calm swaying to crashing to high rocky mountains, other times it is more of a distorted disco that makes your brain pump so much you fear it might escape your skull. The album gives you a steady flow of surprising, thrilling moments, which will hands down sound amazing played live in a club. It’s the kind of music that would make your knees hurt and your feet covered in blisters when you dance to it, but you wouldn’t really mind.

The full album can be found on Gin&Platonic’s Bandcamp. Order your own one here.


1. Ecstas
2. Ever Since
3. Goodbye (Forever)
4. Exodus/Gaia
5. Glass Eyes
6. Truth
7. Fragile


Gin&Platonic: Bandcamp, Website, Facebook, Instagram
Album mastered by Wim Dehaen
Artwork by Jiri Macku
Text: Anna Wim

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