Feelings are hard, making art isn’t

London-based artist Anna Choutova is tearing down the walls between high and low culture and dismantling the idea that art is for a chosen few only with her project Bad Art. Check out a selection of her own paintings now!

Despite having studied fine art painting, Anna Choutova is not your regular classical-background artist. A couple of years ago, she founded her project Bad Art somewhat on a whim of self-determined fuck-you attitude: when she didn’t feel like she would fit into the notoriously pretentious London art scene, she decided to throw an art show herself. Bad Art erases the tightly defined lines of what good and bad art is, challenging the notion of exquisite taste and certain art having more value than other. It is a witty and much needed commentary of interest and appreciation of art linked to class, religious, or racial privilege, amongst many.

Anna’s own work follows similar line of thought. She often captures the mundane moments and sceneries of everyone’s lives, and turns then into humorous settings popping with colors. As she herself puts it, “my paintings represent reality through the lens of Western consumerism.” One of her works reads “feelings are hard,” but it seems like it comes easy to her to entwine intricate emotions and perceptions in her painting, giving them immense depth.

Scroll down to see her works, and, if you’d love to get your “bad” art out there too, sign up for the Bad Art’s latest open call here.










Anna Choutova: Website, Instagram
Text: Anna Wim

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