Encounters with self

Overcoming the boundaries of intercultural communication, Angela Lamprianidou connects the dots among us all through her unique dance choreography.

Having studied choreography and new techniques of interpretation at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, Angela presents us ‘Appointment on Stage’, a dance performance composed of movements and words, together creating a captivating alphabet where each word is paired with a different movement. Like her other works, the piece is a spellbinding expression of pure energy.

A fascinating encounter of six performers from different cultural backgrounds, the transformative performance can be viewed as a reflection on our beliefs, thoughts and actions, challenging the fear of the unknown. In the end, it’s a confrontation with yourself, raising a question: “Are you the person you want to be?”.

The piece has been presented in Berlin and Athens, which will be followed by Barcelona.



How did the idea for the concept of the performance come about?
In November 2012, I was invited to Nerja Dance Festival in Spain. There, I was asked if I could replace a duo work; a work consisting of words and movements.
And I realised that the more I repeated the words, they kept on circulating in my brain the whole night and they changed something in me. So it gave me the idea that I could create something powerful, such as mantras for people to make them feel empowered and to use the words for strong statements like someone saying “I have a clear brain”, “I love myself”, “I am in peace”, etc. In short, it was the need to give an artistic support to the confusions which are both inside and around us.


Is there any way the individual contributions of the performers made the result different than you expected?
I would say it always happens during any art process that the result is different and the journey towards reaching the result is exciting. That being said, yes of course it has changed.



Did the process of working on the piece change your own perceptions of intercultural encounters?
In my opinion, every process brings an enrichment and an opening to something you need. So the change doesn’t happen only during the process, but before and after as well.


Did you feel like the performance left its participants different than when they came?
I think that would be best conveyed through the feedback of the participants.
One of them said: “I confronted my radical side and I got more open to accept it.“. Another participant noted: “I could concentrate more and it made me feel my own voice.“. The next one mentioned: “The text means a lot to me, my lifetime, and the moments in life I am going through.”.
Apart from that, during my workshops called ‘You Are the Point’ and in which I use the same method, the participants are fully involved and concentrated on what they are doing. So I do think that the process is affecting you in some way, otherwise you wouldn’t participate in the first place!


workshop appointmen 1


What was the most surprising thing you’ve experienced during ‘Appointment on Stage’?
There were many, one notable being that Irineu, a 60-year-old ballet dancer, has opened his heart and body to such an experimental piece which had so much to do with language and body. Another thing was that the audience was deeply touched and finding that the piece touched different people in a different way. Also that unconsciously / consciously, all the sentences that a person had as a text were neither lines for them, nor their life stories.
And not to forget the generosity of the dancers to give their 100% in quite a difficult play, especially because none of us was used to talk and dance and truly say things about ourselves in such a personal way on stage.


Appointment on Stage Trailer Premiere July 2016 from angela lamprianidou on Vimeo.


Angela Lamprianidou: Website, Vimeo
Text: Gabriela Holesova

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