A Chocolate Response to a Rotten Magazine

Our dearest contributor ISAAC reacts to Czech magazine Reflex publishing a tone-deaf, racist cover, reminding us how vile and embedded racism is in k(y)nk's homeland.


These days, my mind is numb. My blood is pumping a mile a minute. This is the frustrating nature of a chocolate human being, and is the reason as to why we cannot move forward in the proper direction. The photo presents fear. The photo presents a lack of awareness. Controversy in the form of negativity and ignorance only deludes the cause that desperately needs fighting for. The magazine did not think of black people’s heart, mind and soul. The magazine did not think of human well-being. The magazine did not consider its poison that it infects the minds of its readers (community) or the lack of comfortability it makes for some. There is zero love in this picture. There is no solidarity in this picture.

The black lives matter movement should not be made a mockery. It blows my entire mind why this conversation is such an epic debate and battle. It sets fire to my core why people have an infuriating nature surrounding the rightful treatment of others. It makes me question the global mindset and how this planet earth will be able to thrust its movement in a circular motion, when people want to halt its rotation with hate and destruction. I will say it over and over again; Black Lives Matter is not just “American Black Lives Matter”. BLM does not discriminate like other people so fondly do. BLACK LIVES EVERYWHERE are being beaten, burned, hung, mistreated, discriminated, paid less, sheltered less, fed less, and it is time that the world wakes the hell up and understands the value of my people too!

How dare you sit there and allow your naive nature to come against another person’s value and respect of life! How dare you promote togetherness and open your mouth wide to throw up stupid ignorant unnecessary jargon, only to have the people of color clean up the mess! How dare you make us feel unsafe! How dare you promote a prosperous life and not even consider that your actions through magazines, Instagram and Facebook don’t impact someone else’s chance to feel alive and taken seriously as a human being! The magazine projects the notion that some people in the world are not worth enough to be cherished. What kills the fiber of my being, is people my own age are so consumed in their embedded genetic upbringing, that they don’t even realize the ignorance and pain they are passing down for generations to come.

The article which is connected to the picture, is about George Floyd and the fact that he was a “felon”. They continue to explain that he is uplifted even though he did bad things. So they put Hitler as a parallel, questioning if we should forgive all felons that claimed to be better now. This misinformation and lack of knowledge surrounding the George Floyd cases, along with positive promotion and validation of killing someone as a rightful consequence, is completely outrageous and ridiculous.

The Czech Republic does not have a “race” problem? The picture clearly shows otherwise. What makes you excused from this narrative? You think you don’t profit off of black culture through music, fashion, art, and pop culture? You think you don’t suggest stereotypical opinions through interactions with people of color? You think you don’t lay in bed with us only to check a box off of your “exotic” agenda? If you amusingly view the depiction or defend a picture of a dark skinned painted HITLER with an Afro upon his head, wear that badge of rotten Insensitivity. Stupidity and absurdity is what you have been sipping on far too long during these hot summer days.

I heavily inhale and exhale as I shake my head side to side in stern direction to the unknowing. The fact that one is so confident in being completely wrong, almost amuses me at this point. I think of the ignorant when I lay my natural black curly hair down upon my pillow at night. I wonder why they don’t open their closed eyes to view what racism has done and continues to do within the community , and I am NOT just talking about black people. (Insert Romani emoji here)
Other places around the world reflect the same racial position, as discussed above. Let me be clear in the most delicious way possible: Racism does not stop at the border. You can’t turn on and off diversity. Inclusion is for all and to be selective is hypocrisy at its finest. If you’re reading this feeling angry, disappointed and ready to argue back, just sit there in a childlike manner. Take a time out and realize that you are absolutely the problem surrounding racism. This magazine promotes injustice and non-love.

My chocolate beings in the factory we call a globe run by naive Willy Wonka’s; You are not an “oompa loompa”. You are a glorious, magnificent being that should be savored. Bask in your deliciousness and your loving nature as your texture is being discussed in ways, the world has never tasted before. Do not feel discouraged with the wrapper of “All Lives Matter”, gently place it to the side as the oppressed obviously is the last to feel “subjective” when it comes to discrimination.

It is time that other indulgent implications, begin the righteous fight as they recognize their abundant privilege over all other candy. It is time that communities fight the cause from the higher spectrum of the world’s hierarchy, so that change will move more rapidly. I fight for my chocolate people. I am one of many human rights advocates. I am brilliant in design and the tone of my skin is sacred. I am masterful. I am worth it. I am chocolate.


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Photo: KAYO

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