Invitation: About Face: 17,000 Roses

Berlin’s most talented queer artists are coming together for a fundraiser party for Lyra Pramuk’s facial feminization surgery this Saturday, October 6. Join the celebration, and don’t forget to bring some flowers!

Kantine am Berghain will turn into a showcase of local queer talent, all joining forces to support the gifted singer/performer and celestial human being Lyra Pramuk (read our interview with her here). The list of artists involved is so diverse it might be much more exciting than most of Berlin’s festival line-ups during the past years (Ok, maybe not. But also, hell yes?): there will be performances by Olympia Bukkakis, ASHUS (who’s part of our Kink Print, out on Oct 13), Bendik Giske, Shiaz Legz, Bishop Black, Mikey Woodbridge, Ki Kianí, Psoriasis, Adrian Blount, The Flamingogos, ÁZA, Colin Self, Göksu Kunak a.k.a Gucci Chunk, Neocamp, Workerofthehole, as well as by Lyra herself, with music provided by PLANNINGTOROCK, Yha Yha, Xeno Genesis, Ciarra Black, and Heaven in Stereo.

The seventeen-thousand roses represent 17,000 euros needed for Lyra’s facial feminization surgery, a step of gender transition that can help one battle own body dysmorphia and ensure more safety and visibility in the everyday world, which is, just like most treatments trans people might want to seek, unattainably overpriced. Stop by at Kantine this weekend to show your support, or chip in to Lyra’s online fundraiser here if you can.

More info about the event can be found here.




About Face: 17,000 Roses Facebook event
Lyra: Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram

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